Our company dated back its business activity to 1987. It is still dynamic developing, taking its knowledge about latest technologies and simultaneously launching them. During last several years BIK has built two production halls, in which company used latest technologies such as:

  • Process in which galvanic surfaces are brought in under computer’s control
  • Covering installations.

What ensures the high quality of our products is effort of our employees with many of them having more than 20 years of experience. BIK company has begun its activity on domestic market, where it gained opinion of reliable business partner. Having years of experience with Polish clients, it was easy to broaden our activity on other countries. Now, we are in the middle of carrying many foreign transactions.

What can you say about our products?

  • Our products have original patterns, which are made with co-operation of Polish artists (graduates of University of Art in Warsaw);
  • Liturgical and secular equipment is of high quality;
  • Renovation and restore made by our company meet wit high interest (it is possible to take photo before and after);
  • Our products are covered with high quality galvanic surfaces.

“Glad client guarantees our company.”

Our motto is: